The Biological agents and toxins is an advanced course. It is designed for healthcare personnel with an intense block of clinical education and small group scenario discussions of patients suffering from a variety of suspect biologic exposures. One of the greatest challenges in providing timely life saving medical treatment for these injuries is that they are not routinely seen in daily clinical activities, making recognition difficult.


At the conclusion of Biological agents and toxins course, the responder will be able to:

  • Describe the ideal requirements for a biological warfare agent
  • Describe the methods of delivery
  • Discuss strategic and tactical considerations of using biologic agents
  • Discuss use of biologic agents by terrorists
  • Discuss detection methodologies for biologic agents
  • Describe the epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical disease, diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of a number (n= 10) of biologic agents


This course will utilise both didactic and practical training designed to provide the participants with advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities.  

Course participants

This course is open to civilian and military healthcare personnel.

Course prerequisites

CBRN General Awareness


24 hours (indicative)

The training takes place at the Core CBRN Training Facility at the Hiddingen Test Centre or at the client’s health care location.


English (Interpretation services upon request)


Core CBRN International Biological Agents and Toxins certificate

Core CBRN International is an ASIS Preferred CPE provider. This training program qualifies for ASIS recertification credit.