The aim of the Chemical Munitions Awareness course is to enable participants to recognise and identify different types of chemical weapons/munitions and familiarise them with their working mechanisms. The course will also allow participants to develop necessary skills for evidence collection from sites where a chemical munition was employed.

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge about types and specifications of conventional munitions
  • Identify distinctive features and designs of chemical munitions
  • Demonstrate knowledge about the historical use of chemical weapons and types of munitions used
  • Demonstrate knowledge about pre and post 1946 chemical munition
  • Demonstrate knowledge about binary system concept and methods of implementation
  • Identify specific ordnance markings
  • Demonstrate knowledge about evidence collection in field


The Chemical Munition Awareness course is designed to familiarise participants with conventional and chemical munitions (features and designs) through classroom lectures and field trainings. 

Course participants

This course is open to military personnel, law enforcement, emergency first responders, medical personnel, safety and security personnel, and diplomats working in relevant international organisations.

Course prerequisite



40 hrs (indicative)

The course takes place at the Core CBRN Training Facility at The Hiddingen Test Center in Germany or the client’s own location




Core CBRN International Chemical Munitions Awareness Certificate