Emergency Medical Operations​

Focus Area

Strengthening Emergency Medical Operations
for CBRN Incidents

Core CBRN International specializes in providing comprehensive training, consultancy, and capacity-building services for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Hospital Emergency Response Teams (HERT) around the world. Our mission is to enhance the preparedness and response capabilities of these critical healthcare providers in the face of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) incidents. We offer a wide range of services tailored to the unique needs of EMS and HERT personnel, ensuring the highest level of readiness and resilience against CBRN threats.

Training Services: Basic to Advanced CBRN Training

Our training services cater to various skill levels, from basic awareness courses to advanced CBRN training programs specifically designed for EMS and HERT personnel. Our expert instructors use a combination of theoretical and practical exercises to ensure a deep understanding of CBRN threats and the appropriate medical response measures. Our courses cover essential topics such as hazard identification, personal protective equipment (PPE), decontamination, triage, and medical countermeasures.

Advanced CBRN Training with Live Agents at the Hiddingen Test Center

Core CBRN International offers advanced CBRN training with live agents at the Hiddingen Test Center. Conducted in a controlled and safe environment, this hands-on training exposes EMS and HERT personnel to real-world scenarios, enhancing their skills and confidence in managing CBRN incidents. This unique experience ensures that trainees are thoroughly prepared to handle the challenges of CBRN medical response operations in real-life situations.

Development of CBRN Response Procedures

We assist EMS and HERT organizations in developing robust, efficient, and effective CBRN response procedures. Our team of experts works closely with clients to analyze potential risks, identify gaps in existing protocols, and create customized response plans tailored to their specific needs. By streamlining procedures and establishing clear lines of communication and responsibility, we help healthcare providers optimize their response capabilities and reduce the impact of CBRN incidents on affected populations.

Consultancy Services for Capacity Building

Core CBRN International provides comprehensive consultancy services to support capacity building within EMS and HERT organizations. We help our clients ensure that the procurement of equipment, training of staff, and development of procedures are carried out in synergy, maximizing their overall preparedness and resilience. Our team of experts evaluates existing capabilities, identifies areas for improvement, and provides strategic guidance on enhancing organizational performance in the face of CBRN threats.

Contact Core CBRN International to learn more about our services and how we can help your EMS or HERT organization become better prepared for CBRN incidents. Discuss your requirements with our experts and discover tailored solutions that meet your unique needs. Enhance your emergency medical operations capabilities with Core CBRN International – your trusted partner in CBRN preparedness and response.

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