Core CBRN International provides a range of CBRN consultancy services to clients around the world. Through our interdisciplinary approach we combine unique CBRN field experience with in-depth scientific knowledge to bring practical and cost effective solutions to our clients. 

Keep your finger on the pulse

Threats related to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) use are evolving rapidly which is  further compounded with changes in the political environment and developments in technology. CBRN terrorism poses a clear threat to public health and safety, national security as well as economic and political stability on a global scale. 

The continued use of chemical weapons (CW) in armed conflict, together with the ease of communication and spread of scientific knowledge, we are now witnessing an increased interest by terrorist groups in acquiring such weapons. On top of all this, the recent Novichok events suggest a new and emerging concern, that of state-sponsored assassination that must now also be incorporated into our national security policy. This evolving landscape demonstrate an overall increased likelihood of a large-scaleCBRN attack to take place.

Such confirmed use of CBRN materials by both state and non-state actors in these contexts highlight the novel challenges that nations are facing. The prevention and preparedness for such incidents is therefore of the highest priority. As a result, our CBRN consultancy services aims to cover a broad spectrum from the delivery of training to the development of effective standard operating procedures, to the procurement of CBRN equipment.

Buying new CBRN equipment? We can help 

Core CBRN International is an independent company with no financial interest in recommending any particular vendor. Our team therefore provides impartial, technical assistance to our clients to procure CBRN detection, identification, protection and decontamination systems.  

Don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself!

In the end there is only one way to check that a product really works as it says on the tin. We believe that it is imperative that clients make a well-informed decision when purchasing new CBRN systems. Buying CBRN products is a major investment which is why clients should have a chance to see for themselves. At the Hiddingen Test Center clients can come and try the equipment in a real toxic environment.