Is your hospital prepared to deal with a CBRN incident?

Hospitals play a central role in the management of major incidents involving CBRN. Even a small-scale CBRN incident poses a very challenging situation even to the most well-prepared and equipped medical facility.

Early recognition, choice and use of protective equipment, antidotes, triage, treatment, contamination control, prevention of secondary contamination, use of detection equipment, setting up a contamination control station are some of the areas we cover in our training. Our tailor made training can be focused to address the early stages of a CBRN scenario and the hospital’s response to the immediate aftermath of the event. We also offer highly specialized training in toxicology, medical treatment and management of patients suffering from exposure to chemical agents.

Our selection of trainings in medical CBRN targets different levels of medical specialties. It provides medical doctors, nurses and paramedics the necessary knowledge base and hands-on practice to further build on their existing capacities and maximize the use of available resources to best deal with a CBRN incident.