Customising CBRN training for Army personnel

At Core CBRN International we work with military organisations from around the world to design custom made CBRN training to address the specified training objectives. Courses are a combination of lectures, extensive hands-on training and practical exercises. The hands-on training modules provide the CBRN responder with the knowledge and skills to respond safely and effectively to a CBRN incident. The practical exercises enable responders to implement the emergency-response knowledge and skills acquired during the course.

One can choose from our list of training packages that are build on international standards and Core CBRN International’s best practice approach. In our training catalogue you can find a comprehensive list of courses from general awareness level to more advanced levels.

Live agent training for CBRN Army personnel

Some of the courses have a Live Agent component. The Live Agent Training is an advanced course for those who want to achieve operational excellence in CBRN. Specific training is intended for CBRN army personnel who are called upon to respond to a CBRN emergency. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, we walk you through the experience to ensure that by the end of the training you have the ability to work confidently and safely in a toxic environment.

During the Live Agent Training participants will get the opportunity to intimately understand the characteristics and behaviour of chemical warfare agents in field conditions. Participants will also have the chance to use a variety of chemical agent detectors  and decontamination materials to see exactly how they perform against real toxic compounds.

If you are pursuing an army career in CBRN, this course is highly recommended.

Your CBRN training at our Live Agent Training Facility

Advanced practitioners have the option to use the Core CBRN Training Facility at the Hiddingen Test Center in Germany. The Hiddingen Test Center is the only private facility in the world with special government licenses to work with Schedule I chemicals (which include the most common chemical warfare agents) as well as other toxic compounds. You are welcome to use our facility and laboratories for training purposes as well as to test new equipment in toxic environments. A great deal is possible as long as it is within facility and national safety regulations.