The aim of the Response to illicit cross-border traffic of CBRN substances and dual use equipment course is to enable participants to safely and correctly handle suspected goods or vehicles that might contain radiological, chemical or biological agents, and to safely handle the acute phase of CBRN incident. Familiarise participants with the potential equipment and substances of dual use.

Learning objectives

  • General introduction to CBRN agents and effects
  • CBRN detection, identification, protection and decontamination techniques
  • Cross border challenges in detection and handling of CBRN substances
  • Introduction to dual use equipment
  • Types of dirty bombs and other possible terrorist improvised devices
  • Developing response actions and plans


The course is designed to guide participants and enhance their knowledge and skills through a gradual proficient training blocks which furnish them with constant practical brainstorming. Participants will have the opportunity to practically apply acquired knowledge in the field.

Course participants

This course is open to military personnel, police personnel, emergency first responders, medical personnel, civil servants working in relevant international organizations, safety and security personnel.

Course prerequisite



40 hrs (indicative)

The course takes place at one of our training facilities.

Language proficiency

English (Interpretation services upon request)


Core CBRN International Response to Illicit Border Traffic of CBRN Substances and Dual Use Equipment Certificate